Comdel, Inc. Announces an Expanded Performance, High Voltage, Electrostatic Chuck with Voltages up to 15kV

Gloucester, Massachusetts, June 4, 2013 - Comdel, Inc. recently expanded its electrostatic chuck product line to include the ESC-HVXP, a 15kV supply, 1mA that is designed to enhance throughput and prevent residual charge on the chuck with on-command polarity reversibility. This new electrostatic chuck complements Comdel’s existing 40 configurations and incorporates the product line’s track record of reliability and performance in its design. Comdel now offers flat panel, solar panel and semiconductor manufacturers a wide range of power from 1kV up to 15kV.

The innovative ESC-HVXP electrostatic chuck features built-in current limitation to safeguard processes from surges and arc, as well as continuously adjustable controls for maximum flexibility. No outside cooling or airflow is required and the ESC-HVXP operates from 24V DC machine power.

“Comdel continues its tradition of being a value-added RF engineering firm,” says Comdel Vice President Scott Johnson. A customer needed a very high voltage electrostatic chuck but didn’t want to sacrifice the proven track record of our existing ESC series. Our engineers created a unit with polarity reversibility and voltages up to 15kV that maintained all the reliability and full features of our current product line,” he adds.

About Comdel, Inc.

Since 1966, Comdel, Inc. headquartered in Gloucester, Massachusetts, designs, develops and manufactures innovative, high quality RF and DC power systems for leading companies in semiconductor, metal heat treating, dielectric heating, lasers, induction heating and thin film markets. Its RF power systems offer the market's best power and frequency range, and are backed by an industry-leading research and development design department with over 30 years of engineering expertise and over 1,400 designs with frequencies from 20 KHz - 100 MHz.