All XP Comdel power supplies are engineered and manufactured in America. They are built to last and made with high quality parts by well-trained personnel.

Offering a wide range of POWER levels and FREQUENCY configurations, XP Comdel products offer the STABILITY for process REPEATABILILTY needed in your demanding environment. Responsive engineering makes your life easier. And your projects run smoothly.

Equipment built to suit your application with interfaces that respond directly to your process demands.

Let our engineers work with you to easily put RF into your process.

  • Frequencies from 20kHz to 100 MHz and beyond
  • Power levels from 100 to 100,000 watts
  • Fast prototypes
  • Wide range of RF expertise
  • A resource for customized products
  • Flexibility to handle smaller runs
  • Custom packaging
  • Responsive Engineering
  • Fast Ramp-Up Capabilities
Made in America Movement



“Because we were able to start with XP Comdel from the beginning, the end results provided use of standard RF products with unique customization at minimal cost and risk to both parties – a win-win for all.”

- Vice President of Engineering, Semiconductor Manufacturer