Comdel Provides Cost Effective Solution for Matching to a Wide Range of Process Loads

Gloucester, Massachusetts, March 30, 2009 - Comdel, Inc., trusted supplier of RF and DC power, announces the CPMX1000, the newest addition to their extensive line of automatic impedance matching networks. Capable of handling RF currents of 20 Amps, this new match is the ideal solution for matching to a wide range of process loads. Designed with air variable capacitors, this match provides a cost effective alternative for power applications up to 1250 watts. The CPMX1000 can be used as a stand-alone unit or controlled remotely using the CMPX Remote controller.

DeviceNET as well as standard RS-232 and analog control are options in the remote controller. The CPMX1000 system is engineered with Comdel's unique PROTRAK, a high-speed tuning algorithm that gradually slows the system as it approaches the tuning point, allowing a precise match even in high "Q" loads. This proportional control circuitry illustrates the critical difference between Comdel's Match Pro and other matching networks. The Match Pro adjusts input impedance to 50 Ohms quickly, accurately and dependably--in response to the changes in load characteristics during your process. The CPMX1000 is configured to operate at fixed frequencies from 2 to 27.12 MHz and features automatic and manual modes with local and remote manual control of tuning capacitors, and the ability to preposition capacitors to the optimal plasma ignition point prior to turn on, resulting in quick and reliable tuning.

About Comdel, Inc.

Since 1966, Comdel, Inc. headquartered in Gloucester, Massachusetts, designs, develops and manufactures innovative, high quality RF and DC power systems for leading companies in semiconductor, metal heat treating, dielectric heating, lasers, induction heating and thin film markets. Its RF power systems offer the market's best power and frequency range, and are backed by an industry-leading research and development design department with over 30 years of engineering expertise and over 1,400 designs with frequencies from 20 KHz - 100 MHz.